Monday, August 10, 2009

Thing 11.5 evaluation

1. I really most enjoyed the lessons and feedback on digital citizenship- I found them helpful to prepare for the upcoming year.

2.The things have assisted in meeting my goals by increasing my personal and professional knowledge! Yea!

3. I was not surprised at the great knowledge takeaways- I expected them from last time! But I was gratified to have the opportunity.

4. I like that we are pushed to try new things- but it's a bit of a downer when so many of them are blocked by our districts (like second life).


VWB said...

keep plugging took lots of time and effort for things to loosen in our district...find ways to bring new things in and pretty soon others will want them and change will come! Especially when students are motivated to learn while using them!

Morris David said...

its amazing! thanks a lot for sharing this post.
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